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WTC Turku’s operations in 2021!

In addition to WTC Turku’s foundation organizations, our PARTNERS are one of the key stakeholders of WTC Turku’s operations. Our partners add value to the network with their own expertise in international operations.

Check out more about the network’s Partners and their offerings:

Vierailukeskus Joki / Turun Teknologiakiinteistöt – WTC Turku’s home base is the Vierailukeskus Joki and Turun Teknologiakiinteistöt offers diverse facilities for the WTC network in the Kupittaa area. Come and see!

Magnusson Law – Magnusson is recognized as a top-quality business law firm in the Nordic-Baltic region. Our team of 20 lawyers provides advice to organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to stock market-listed companies. We deliver what we promise, and our clients speak highly of Magnusson’s fast and efficient cross-border teamwork.

Rocket Office – Rocket is a full-service accounting partner specialized in start-ups and growth companies. At Rocket, we think that entrepreneurs are the heroes creating a better future for humankind. We enable them to focus on their business by leading their finance functions. Time is the most valuable asset of an entrepreneur – we are the back-office partner who proactively offers solutions to problems entrepreneurs shouldn’t spend their time on. We are not expecting the customer to know what they need. Instead, as an integrated part of the customer’s team, we are driving their company in back-office functions proactively, making suggestions, sharing best practices, and acting as a business partner.

Palava Global – Our task is to accelerate the international growth of Finnish companies and find the best ways to do so. We are looking for the best markets and the best ways for the company to grow with them. “Everywhere but North Korea.”

Export Maker – Export agents; development, customers, markets, partners and support for export activities.

Eversheds Attorneys at Law – a full-service law firm specializing in business law, serving its clients both in Finland and internationally, utilizing its extensive cooperation network.

Kolster – We specialize in intellectual property rights (IPR) and legal services. We are one of Europe’s leading and oldest companies (established in 1874) in the IP industry. We help our clients as a strategic partner to develop a value-adding competitive edge from patents, utility models, design rights, trademarks, domain names, and contracts internationally. In addition to our offices in Finland and Germany, Kolster China Desk™ and Kolster Russia Desk™ provide Chinese and Russian-language services with knowledge of the target market, in addition to strong IP expertise.

Grail Group – a Finnish company dedicated to providing gamers extra thrills for their online experience. Our main focus is on running tournaments and leagues with our proprietary service launched in 2017. We build a bridge between the esports community and business partners by organizing various events from arena size tournaments to small esport promotions.