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Team Finland Iran


Join the business delegation and travel to Iran with Mr. Petri Peltonen, Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland, and discover the business opportunities Iran has to offer your company.

Business delegates will have an opportunity to attend business meetings and networking event with local business leaders, organizations and authorities, which Finpro will organize in cooperation with the Embassy of Finland in Iran.

Check the detailed practical information on how to register, costs involved and the program HERE.




Why should your company go to Iran?

Mining: Iran has significant mineral resources and reserves. Additionally Iran has a lot of down stream industry based on its mineral production. However the facilities are in need of updating. Finnish geological know how and mining technology are widely recognized in the country, which creates good market potential for Finnish know how and products within the mining and metal industries.

Healthcare: Iran is building hospital capacity not only for its own 80 million people but also for neighboring 300 million inhabitants, planning to become the center of medical tourism in the area (market study available).

Cleantech: Iran can benefit from Finnish cleantech solutions to solve the environmental challenges the country faces in farming, urbanization, industrial processes, water treatment and energy efficiency, resulting in sustainable business growth for the country.

Waste to Energy: due to the lack of acceptable solution, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management and disposal as an environmental disaster is on the headlines of government tasks in Iran. Effective regulatory and policy frameworks have been established to offer incentives to produce energy from waste. The country produces over 54000 tons of waste daily, which could be utilized as raw material in the W2E industry.

Agrotechnologies: The agriculture sector in Iran has been viewed as a fundamental contributor to the economy of the country. Currently agriculture represents 25 % of Irans’s GNP and 27 % of employment. The agricultural markets in general is growing and there is a high demand for agriculture machinery in the coming five years. Currently the crops and grain handling machinery and equipment sector forms the main potential market in Iran. In the arable machinery and equipment sector the growth and the demand are high. Livestock solutions is a promising and growing market. Finnish organizations can also play a big role in developing technology infrastructure in Iran.

ICT (Connectivity from Finland): Iranian ICT projects offer promising opportunities for foreign companies.


Read more on business opportunities in Iran.


For more information, please contact:
Saku Liuksia, Program Manager, Waste to Energy, +358 50 303 8326
Harry Sandström, Program Director, Mining Finland,
e-mail: harry.sandstrom, +358 400 709 899
Elina Puszkarzewicz, Program Director, Agrotechnology from Finland,
+358 40 343 3349
Kimmo Aura, Program Director, Reforming Telecom Markets, +358 40 504 8317
Nora Kaarela, Head of Health Industry, +358 400 897 020
Eero Toivainen, Program Director, Digital Hospitals, +358 40 343 3379
Lotta Eiroma, Project Manager, Business Delegations, +358 40 716 2628
E-mail: firstname.lastname


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